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Who are NZF?


Our vision is a faithful, confident, selfless and self-sufficient Muslim community in the United Kingdom.


Our mission is to provide an end-to-end service to Zakat payers and recipients across the country. This encompasses:
  • Education - to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of Zakat.
  • Calculation - to provide an accurate and user-friendly Zakat calculation process.
  • Collection - to offer an accessible and fulfilling Zakat payment experience.
  • Distribution - to establish authentic and responsible Zakat distribution channels for deserving, local recipients.


To achieve these goals, NZF has developed a range of products and services:


NZF enhances the understanding of the principles of Zakat in the community by offering the following products and services:

Knowledge Bank - Explore our comprehensive video library with easy-to-follow tutorials and FAQs.
Workshops - Attend a workshop near you or get in touch with NZF to deliver one in your community.
Ask a Question - Ask a question via email or request a callback from our team for one-to-one support.
Livestreaming - Watch qualified scholars of Zakat present Facebook Live lectures and Q&A sessions.
Radio - Listen to qualified scholars of Zakat present talks and Q&A sessions.
Zakat Hotline - Call a dedicated hotline to have your Zakat queries answered by qualified scholars.


Ensuring you have paid Zakat correctly is an obligation and therefore calculating Zakat should not be based on guesswork. NZF has a range of resources to provide the Muslim community with an effective and accurate means of calculating Zakat, whilst being at the forefront of navigating the complexities of Zakat in relation to contemporary financial transactions.

Zakat Guide - Pick up or download the definitive guide which will walk you through each step of calculating Zakat in an easy-to-follow way.
Specialist Guides - These tailored guides comprehensively cover your Zakat needs with regards to: missed Zakat, Zakat on pensions and paying Zakat for your business.
Online Calculator - Access the most accurate and intuitive Zakat calculator available both online and the My Zakat App for Apple users.
In-person consultations - Book an appointment for a private consultation with one of our qualified Zakat experts.


NZF provides Zakat payers various means to ensure safe and secure Zakat payments:

Website - Visit where you can pay your Zakat in just a few clicks.
My Zakat App - Pay your Zakat on the go with My Zakat App for Apple users.
Bank transfers -  Transfer your Zakat payment to: National Zakat Foundation - Al Rayan Bank, Account No. 01249702, Sort Code: 30-00-83
Post - Send your Zakat to NZF via post to: Zakat Centre, National Zakat Foundation, 41 Fieldgate Street, London, E1 1JU or FREEPOST NZF
Zakat Centre - Visit: Zakat Centre, National Zakat Foundation, 41 Fieldgate Street, London, E1 1JU to pay your Zakat in person.
Al Rayan Bank branch - Visit one of Al Rayan’s branches nationwide to pay your Zakat with NZF.
Mosque collection - The NZF team regularly visit mosques for you to pay Zakat at a convenient location.


NZF distributes Zakat through various channels based upon three primary objectives:

Covers all needs that a person has in relation to necessary costs for day to day living. This includes:
  • Debts, arrears and other outstanding liabilities that address claims from the past.
  • Housing payments, food, clothing and other such expenses that address a person’s current and immediate needs.
  • Ongoing maintenance and bills which cater to a person’s upcoming essential needs.
Enabling people who are financially struggling to be in a position to support themselves. This includes:
  • Removing barriers that prevent them being able to support themselves, such as legal costs (e.g. for asylum seekers so that they may live and work in the country), and counselling, key-working and mental health support (e.g. for the residents of our supported housing projects).
  • Providing opportunities to enhance future work prospects and financial sustainability, for example by paying for vocational skills training and education.


Investing in individuals with the ability to provide guidance, inspiration and service to the Muslim community and society at large. This primarily includes students, teachers, Imams and community activists. These individuals might often simply be in need of Essentials support on a medium to long term basis to facilitate their studies or community service, but NZF’s primary intent in providing this funding is for the perceived communal benefit.

Meet the Team

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