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Why we exist?

The National Zakat Foundation (NZF) gives grants to UK Muslims in poverty for basic essentials like food, clothing, shelter, job training, legal help and debt relief.

This support lets people get on the path to being financially independent and it allows them to feel confident about their future.

NZF also invests in leading institutions and emerging leaders, such as future imams, scholars and community activists.

Through this investment, we make real and lasting change by supporting and developing institutions who provide us with guidance for the challenges we face at home, at work and in wider society.

A snapshot of the problem

50% of Muslim households are in poverty

Compared to 18% of the general population, 50% of Muslim households in the UK live in poverty.

Under the welfare system, application procedures for benefits are time-consuming and applicants often encounter long delays before they’re offered any support. That means it’s common for people to live without basic essentials like food and clothes.

Through our Economic Empowerment Programme, we support individuals in need by awarding financial grants wherever we feel able to improve somebody’s long-term situation.

Meet the Muslims we have helped ⟶

Public perceptions of Islam in the UK

Almost half of British people think Islam is incompatible with the British way of life.

Muslims who are growing up in an increasingly secular Britain are drifting away from Islam and, although they identify as Muslims culturally, they’re less committed to the essence of Islam.

National organisations and advocacy groups that represent Muslims and Muslim organisations are underfunded and therefore have less credibility and influence.

All of this means there’s a great need to invest in better public perception of Islam and Muslims, as well as religious scholarship and literacy, and effective representation.

At NZF, we tackle this through our Leadership Investment Programme, which invests in leading institutions and emerging Muslim leaders that are working for Islam to flourish in the UK.

The big picture

We are the UK’s only Zakat focused organisation and we believe in the local, unified and balanced distribution of Zakat as a vital means to uphold submission to God (Islam) in our society.

Our mission remains to distribute Zakat transformatively across the UK.

Our vision will always be for Islam to flourish in society as a source of prosperity and harmony for all.


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