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Salaaams and Hi Thanks for popping by, as you know i like to get involved in spontaneous but worthwhile causes and National Zakat Foundation is one of them. I am raising £££ alongside NZF to help the homeless those vulnerable brethren right outside our doorstep, its difficult to walk pass and not imagine how they are forced to survive with what little they possess. NZF is a fantastic charity that supports individuals and shelter projects- truely one must be grateful to the Almighty for our blessings, so cmon SHARE your blessings with others :)

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Together we can achieve our vision inshaAllah of a pious, confident, selfless and self-sufficient UK Muslim community where no individual in need is left abandoned.The National Zakat Foundation works to strengthen and enhance the UK Muslim community’s engagement with Zakat and to improve its impact on the most vulnerable members of our community nationwide.

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Donation by: Omar Saeed on 20/12/2013
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