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Together we can achieve our vision inshaAllah of a pious, confident, selfless and self-sufficient UK Muslim community where no individual in need is left abandoned.The National Zakat Foundation works to strengthen and enhance the UK Muslim community’s engagement with Zakat and to improve its impact on the most vulnerable members of our community nationwide.

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Donation by: Anonymous on 12/02/2014
+ £17.50 Gift Aid
NO Image Be Blessed...

Donation by: Malang on 06/02/2014
+ £7.50 Gift Aid
NO Image Be blessed as always....

Donation by: Malang on 29/11/2013
+ £2.50 Gift Aid
NO Image Hope it goes well bro!

Donation by: Omar on 28/11/2013
+ £5.00 Gift Aid
NO Image ?????? ????? ????? ???? ??????? kam, well done and wish you all the best with your charitable deeds. May Allah (SWT) reward you in the highest regard In Shaa Allah. Ameen. Jay.

Donation by: Jay Hussain on 28/11/2013
+ £5.00 Gift Aid

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