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Become a Champion

Our NZF Champions Programme supports volunteers to spread the message of the National Zakat Foundation in their local communities.

As an NZF Champion, you will be the voice of NZF in your community, raising awareness about the importance of Zakat and giving it locally to help causes which affect Muslims here in the UK.

Just a few hours of your time can make a real difference to your brothers and sisters who are facing hardships such as sleeping rough, not having enough food to eat or being unable to adequately clothe their children.

Benefits of becoming an NZF Champion

  • Help alleviate poverty amongst Muslims in your community
  • Revive a pillar of Islam
  • Invest in your Hereafter
  • Learn new skills and gain new experiences
  • Meet new people (including other Champions)

What is involved?

We know that everyone is busy, so as an NZF Champion there are many different activities you can get involved in to support our work. You can do as much (or as little) as you like; just choose the activities which are right for you.

Examples of ways you can contribute to our work include:

  • Raising awareness about our work - Speak to your friends, send a text or put up some posters. Spread the message so more people know what we do and why we exist.
  • Increasing understanding of Zakat and its rulings - Organise a Zakat seminar, hold a study circle or promote our Zakat Q&A Service. Revive the knowledge of this forgotten pillar.
  • Raising funds for NZF – Organise a cake sale, hold an auction or take part in an NZF sponsored event. Fund our vital work and alleviate poverty on your doorstep. You can even create your own fundraising page on this website by signing up as a Champion. (You can edit your fundraising profile via My Profile).
  • Tell us about local initiatives taking place in your community that need support.
  • Events – Sell tickets, set up a stall or give out leaflets. Help us organise our own events and represent us at partner events.

The above are just some ways in which you can get involved with NZF. There are also step by step tasks which you can undertake in your own time.

What next?

By registering as an NZF champion, you will receive fundraising tips and ideas, information regarding upcoming events in your area as well as regular updates about our work.

Why I signed up to be a champion

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Once you have signed up to be a Champion you can make a start on our Champions Programme with regular tasks to get you kick-started.

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At the National Zakat Foundation, we are working to support those in need within our community right here in the UK.