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The National Zakat Foundation is pleased to launch this year’s exciting NZF Champions summer campaign. Over 500 volunteers have signed up – from Edinburgh to London - to become the voice of the National Zakat Foundation in their local community and raise awareness about all aspects of Zakat. 

The campaign starts on 15th June and will run for 10 weeks until 24th August 2012. Champions will be asked to complete one simple task per week over the course of the campaign and tasks will be revealed to Champions at the start of each week. Champions will also have the opportunity to meet the NZF team as well as each other at events in London, Birmingham and Manchester. 

Asima Iqbal, Operations Manager at the National Zakat Foundation and coordinator of this year’s campaign said: “The NZF Champions campaign represents a fantastic opportunity for volunteers to raise awareness on a local level about Zakat, which is arguably one of the least understood pillars of Islam. We hope that Champions will enjoy the spirit of the campaign which is to help alleviate poverty amongst vulnerable members of our community and have some fun along the way too.” 

Shakera Mohammed, NZF Champion said: “I’m excited to be involved in this campaign and signed up because I want to help needy people right here on our doorstep. But first and foremost, I want to take part because Allah has commanded us to alleviate the helplessness of others. If we are in poverty it is a test from Allah but if He has blessed us with comfort and a steady income it is our test to see if we spend our time and money in the path of Allah.” 

Champions can also create their own page, where they can share their experiences with everyone by posting updates on tasks and uploading pictures. They can also be able to accept donations on their page and track any funds they have raised for NZF. 

The best performing Champion will receive an amazing prize that will be announced at the end of the campaign. Why not sign up to be an NZF Champion? Along with hundreds of other volunteers and just an hour a week of your time, you can really make a difference. 

Sign up today.

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