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Champions Task: Week 3

Alhamdulillah we are now into the third week of the campaign and insha'Allah you have successfully completed the previous 2 tasks. For those of you who have joined part way through the campaign, you are welcome to catch up on Task 1 and Task 2.

Your task for this week is:

Help feed homeless people in your area this summer by registering your details at your local foodbank

To find your nearest foodbank, please see the organisations listed below and get in touch with the foodbank in your area directly: 

The Trussel Trust - we have let them know that NZF Champions will be in touch to help out at their network of foodbanks across the UK.

Fareshare -  have some volunteering opportunities in their food depots in 17 locations across the UK.

If you've signed up to be an NZF Champion, you can look out for your new NZF T-shirt in the post, which you can wear to help raise awareness about NZF when you visit the foodbank. 

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