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Champions Task: Week 5

Asalaamu Alaikum dear NZF Champion

Alhamdulillah we are now half way through our NZF Champions Summer campaign! We hope that you have enjoyed your experience so far and are ready for the next half of the campaign insha'Allah. For new Champions who have recently joined us, you are welcome to catch up on previous tasks, which you can find on the Champions Programme page.

Insha'Allah, you are all preparing for the blessed month of Ramadhan and focusing on how to increase your good deeds insha'Allah.Giving charity and encouraging others to do the same is one such way you can do this.

Your task for this week is:

Set up your fundraising page on our new website and set a minimum target of £750 to be reached by the end of Ramadhan.

Some Fundraising Ideas

• Send your page link out to 30 friends asking each to give just £25 Zakat and/or Sadaqa.

• Do a sponsored walk or bike ride whilst fasting.

• Organise a collection at your local masjid (seek permission first). NZF can provide you with fundraising materials such as posters, leaflets, donation forms and pens. Contact to order material.

• Organise an Iftaar for friends and do a short presentation about NZF and how it is making a difference to people's lives.Collect donations after the presentation (but before food is served!).

Calculate your Zakat

Calculate your Zakat confidently and accurately today.