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July Update

Assalaamu-alaikum wa rahmatullah, 

• Alleviate poverty on your doorstep this Ramadhan!
• July a record month for helping Muslims in need within the UK
• Exciting partnership with Islamic Bank of Britain
• Don't miss the special guests on our Ramadan TV show this Sunday night

Alleviate poverty on your doorstep this Ramadhan!

Alhamdulillah, over recent weeks, Muslims from all corners of the UK have come forward in large numbers and shown their generosity by supporting the special vision of the National Zakat Foundation - that no Muslim in need within the UK should be left abandoned.

For those of you that have already contributed so generously, may Allah accept your donations and make them heavy on your scale of good deeds. As you will see below, your funds are going a long way to support the "forgotten people" of our communities. 

For everyone else who is yet to pay their Zakat or other forms of charity this Ramadhan, this is your chance! Don't miss this amazing opportunity to invest in your own community and alleviate poverty on your doorstep, especially in the month in which good deeds are multiplied.

July a record month for helping Muslims in need

It pleases me to inform you that as the month of mercy and generosity is upon us, so too has the National Zakat Foundation posted a record month of supporting Muslims in need within the UK. In the month of July, we approved £37,443 for distribution to more than 30 different applicants across the country. With Allah's help and your support, we have housed the homeless, removed the crushing burden of debt incurred out of necessity and helped many families to meet their basic needs of food and utilities. 

You can read about some of the most recent cases we have been dealing with on our new blog run by our Distribution Team. The team has also set up a fundraising page on the new NZF website so you may wish to encourage them by donating directly to their page! 

Exciting partnership with Islamic Bank of Britain*

The National Zakat Foundation is proud to be working with the Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB) to increase the community's knowledge and understanding of Zakat, as well as facilitating the payment and collection of Zakat across the country.

Our collaboration thus far has included the following initiatives:

• Recruiting NZF Champions (volunteers) amongst IBB customers

• Conducting an extensive survey as to the attitudes and opinions of IBB customers and the wider public with respect to Zakat

• Providing one-on-one Zakat consultancy sessions to selected IBB customers

• Launching an IBB Zakat service, encouraging and facilitating customers to pay their Zakat in IBB branches across the country

Sultan Choudhury, IBB’s Managing Director, said: 

“The blessed month of Ramadhan is upon us once again and the holy month gives us all the opportunity to rebuild our connection with Islam. Fasting acts as an effective, physical, way to remember those less fortunate than ourselves, prompting us to increase our charitable actions and donations. This year IBB is delighted to be working with the National Zakat Foundation to help promote understanding of this vital aspect of our faith and to assist our customers in calculating and paying their Zakat.”

The National Zakat Foundation is grateful to IBB for its fantastic support prior to, and especially during, the month of Ramadhan. We look forward to a fruitful, long-term relationship inshaAllah.

Don't miss the special guests on our Ramadan TV show this Sunday night

Finally, don't miss us on Ramadan TV this Sunday night between 9.30pm and 3.00am... we have some surprise special guests lined up and it promises to be a great show inshaa-Allah. Ramadan TV is broadcasting on Sky Channel 843 and online at

May Allah accept all our efforts in this blessed month. Please remember me, the National Zakat Foundation and especially those going through hardships in your du'as.

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