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Scholarships for students in hardship

NZF has teamed up with Lantern of Knowledge Educational Trust to provide grants for Zakat-eligible students to help make Higher Education in the UK more accessible. Current and new university students may apply for grants of up to £3,000 to go towards the payment of university fees. 

The deadline for grant applications for the academic year 2014/15 is Sunday 15th June 2014. Download application forms here.

Please note the following criteria. 

Applicants must be:

- eligible to receive zakat (to be assessed by our panel)
- a British citizen and resident
- aged 22 or under
- a new or current undergraduate/postgraduate student (minimum fees £9,000 per year and not a re-take student)
- new students in receipt of a UCAS firm and insurance offer from a UK university
- predicted/awarded AAB at A level or equivalent (340 UCAS points)

For more information, contact:

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