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April Update

Your money, your wealth. 

Get your finances in order before Ramadan 2015 and settle your unpaid Zakat here. "When a slave of Allah pays Zakat, the Angels of Allah pray for him in these words: "O Allah! Grant abundance to him who spends (in Your cause) and destroy him who does not spend and restricts to himself his wealth." (Bukhari)

There may be years where you have missed paying Zakat because you were not aware of your obligation to the poor, or you may have been undisciplined in your approach to calculating what you really owe. Use our free online calculator, ring back request or email query service to catch up with your unpaid Zakat today. Read more

Meet Dr. Zia Abdul-Cader.

In April we launched the first of a series of new blogs to introduce you to our volunteers. In our first post we spoke to Dr. Abdul-Cader, a retired lecturer in Pharmacology from North London. He has been volunteering with National Zakat Foundation for over a year, so we asked him to share some of his experiences with you. Read more

Your Zakat at work. 

In April we processed 75 Zakat applications and distributed £61,164 of Zakat funds to individuals and families in need on our doorstep. Cases included help with food vouchers, rent arrears and rental deposits, highlighting some of the issues facing UK Muslims today. To make a difference in your local area, why not join our team of volunteer caseworkers? Read more.

Shelter update.

12 months ago, refurbishment works at the Manchester shelter were underway for the launch of our new 5 bed project in the city. We are delighted to report the new shelter is now running at full capacity and was recently visited by Tony Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester. The response from the local Muslim community has also been overwhelmingly positive. Hear what your support means to the shelter residents, and what impact our service has had on them. Listen here.

What's on?

NZF Drop-in: 'Meet the Chief Executive,' Weds 13th May 2015, London. Read more

NZF Shelter Appreciation Dinner, Thurs 21st May 2015, Manchester (Invite only).

AlKauthar Institute, 'The 99 Names of Allah,' Sat 30th & Sun 31st May 2015, Manchester. Read more.

NZF in Pictures. View the full album here.

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