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Last 10 nights: Special message


As an ummah we feel the pain of our brothers and sisters around the world where there are several emergencies that require our help. As Muslims living in the UK, it is important that we balance our giving between local and international causes, bearing in mind that our collective accountability for the poor and destitute within the UK is paramount and must not be forgotten. More specifically where Zakat is concerned it is essential to understand what Islam says about those who have the most rights upon us. Watch this reminder from Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury to learn why Zakat begins at home.

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Did you know that the silver Nisab is only £198? The silver Nisab is the threshold that is applicable to most of us, as the scholars at the Al Qalam Shari’ah Panel advise using the gold Nisab only in the case that gold is the sole Zakatable asset one owns. Most people have gold plus cash or a mixture of Zakatable assets however, so should apply the silver Nisab to determine liability for Zakat. Download our free Zakat guide to learn more and complete your Zakat calculation in 3 simple steps!

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As we approach the last 10 days of Ramadan, we need to grab every opportunity to accumulate as many good deeds as possible. If you are hungry for a challenge and keen to build your Jannah, take on a 10 day challenge to fundraise for NZF. This is the period in which good deeds are multiplied. Anybody can fundraise for NZF. Set up your own personalised fundraising page to share with friends and family.  

Maximise your efforts in these last 10 days by setting yourself a 10 day fundraising target.


Remember to tune into our final episode of the Zakat Q&A show this Friday at 7pm on Ramadan TV Sky 852. Imam Abid Khan will be joining us to answer your questions on Zakat so call in to the  studio live on 0207 908 7285. Alternatively you can tweet your questions using #ZakatQA, or send an SMS during the show to 07875 662 909. This week our Q&A show will be followed by a LIVE fundraising appeal for NZF.

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