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Asylum seekers campaign 2015

Asylum seekers campaign.

Today marks the launch of NZF's long awaited month-long asylum seekers campaign. There are thousands of asylum seekers in the UK, but what do we really know about them?

Last year, the largest number of asylum applicants in the UK were from Eritrea (3,233), Pakistan (2,726), Syria (2,025), Iran (2,000) and Albania (1,576). The overwhelming majority are Muslim but typically find little support from our community.

Asylum seekers are not worthless, or indeed worth less than those of us who are not seeking asylum here in the UK. NZF will be sharing stories about some of the struggles but also the successes that can be achieved when a community comes together to provide assistance in the spirit of the Ansar (Helpers) who supported the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions when they moved to Madina. 

Watch our video: an introduction to the campaign.

Arriving in the UK is just the first of many hurdles for asylum seekers. Their problems however do not end there. Seeking asylum is a long and difficult process and there are no guarantees. Watch, learn and share our informative video which introduces the campaign and explains why we need to open our eyes to the reality on our doorstep. 

Pledge to revive the spirit of the Ansar.

Now you know the facts, it’s time to take action and revive the spirit of the Ansar. 

Allah tells us in the Qur’an: “Those who entered the city and the faith before them love those who flee unto them for refuge, and do not find any want in their breasts for what the emigrants were given; rather they give [them] preference over themselves, even though they [themselves] are in hardship.”

Feel like you can make a difference? Sign up to show support for this campaign and get involved today! 

Attend the launch event!

We would like to invite you to attend a special event jointly hosted by NZF and City Circle on Friday 6th November 2015, where we will be holding an offline campaign launch. Guest speakers include Maurice Wren of the British Refugee Council and Steve Symonds of Amnesty International. The event will take place from 6:45pm - 8:30pm in Central London and tickets are FREE! Reserve your place now.

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