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Special report: All about asylum

As part of our November campaign, we are excited to share with you a brand new report. ‘All About Asylum’ is an overview of the journey for asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. It answers key questions for anybody wanting to learn more, including how many asylum seekers are in the UK, where they are from, what their needs are, what the process is to apply for asylum and what NZF does to support such individuals.

The report is free to download and is an essential resource to inform our community about where support is really needed for those who are here and about to arrive on our shores. Read more.

Audio: Friday sermon

Imam Abid Khan reflects on the experience of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions when they emigrated to Madina. In this sermon, key lessons are extracted on the fraternity between the emigrants and the local residents that we can apply in the context of the migrant crisis today for the benefit of the UK Muslim community. Listen to the full sermon, or to utilise this practical reminder for your Jummah congregation, download the transcript here

Blog: Retraining a refugee doctor

To date there have been over 1,200 doctors from a refugee background in the UK identified by the British Medical Association. Less than 15% of all registered doctors are currently practising medicine. Elina was one such statistic and when she first came to the UK she was working in a low paid catering job and struggling to make ends meet. However Elina was eligible for Zakat and with the help of NZF she was able to overcome some of the hurdles that she faced to enable her to retrain in the UK. Read her story here.

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NZF Harrow supporters’ dinner, Saturday 21st November 2015, London, 6pm – 9pm. (Invitation only). Find out more.

NZF & Masjid Tawhid ‘In the Spirit of the Ansar,’ Sunday 22nd November 2015, London, 4:30pm – 6pm. Find out more.

NZF Question Time, ‘Invisible, forgotten, worthless?’ Tuesday 24th November, Birmingham, 5:30pm-8pm.  Find out more.

NZF & Jame Masjid ‘In the Spirit of the Ansar,’ Sunday 29th November 2015, Birmingham, 6:30pm – 8pm. Find out more.

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