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November update

We’ve had a really positive response to our asylum seekers campaign last month. If you didn’t get the chance to get involved it’s still not too late!  NZF will be holding an open webinar on Wednesday 2nd December from 6:30pm – 7:30pm for new volunteers. One question we frequently get asked is how to help asylum seekers and refugees beyond financial support. Join the webinar and learn how NZF assists such vulnerable individuals and the important role on-call volunteers play in the local community.

There is no minimum commitment to become an on-call volunteer and this is the perfect role for those of you juggling busy schedules. Register for the webinar to find out more.

NZF at International Zakat Conference

This year NZF participated in the Fiqh of Zakat International Conference 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference is a gathering of Islamic scholars from across the globe to discuss key issues on Zakat in the modern day context whilst applying the principles of Islamic jurisprudence. Senior caseworker, Ahmed Uddin, delivered a presentation and shared a paper on how Zakat is distributed here in the UK through NZF as part of delivering an end-to-end Zakat service for Zakat payers and recipients. Click here to read the presentation.

Locked in a 3ft x 3ft prison cell

Over the last month we have been sharing resettlement stories of our beneficiaries. The concluding story in the ‘Resettlement Retold’ series is the story of Muad, an ordinary man who was imprisoned in a 3ft by 3ft cell and tortured. He managed to escape and made it to the UK but ended up homeless, exacerbating his physical and mental ailments. Find out what happened to him and how NZF helped here.

Your Zakat at work

In November, NZF processed 81 Zakat applications and distributed £87,278 Zakat funds to individuals and families in need on our doorstep. This included assisting applicants towards rent arrears as well as helping people to secure private rented accommodation after long spells of homelessness. Applicants are often not on the council’s list for priority housing and without any family or friends to support them, find themselves helpless.  If you would like to make a difference, we are looking for volunteer caseworkers to join our team in London. Apply here.

What's on

NZF & Jame Masjid ‘In the Spirit of the Ansar,’ Sunday 6th December 2015, Birmingham, 6:30pm – 8pm. Find out more.

Organisation of Culture and Character, 'Virtues 1437,' Friday 18th December 2015, Luton, 7pm – 10pm. Find out more.

Islamic Network, 'Steps to Allah,' Saturday 19th December 2015, Manchester 10am - 6pm. Find out more.

Islamic Network, 'Steps to Allah,' Sunday 20th December 2015, London 10am - 6pm. Find out more.

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