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£3 Million of Zakat in the UK!

The National Zakat Foundation (NZF) is pleased to announce that it has distributed a record £3 million of Zakat funds collected in the UK, to the neediest members of the Muslim community here on our doorstep. Since its inception, NZF has helped transform the lives of over 3,000 vulnerable families and individuals facing the reality of poverty and hardship.

Asif Bhayat, Head of Zakat Distribution, said: "This is a significant milestone not just for NZF, but for the entire UK Muslim community. We now have a Zakat institution that is addressing the needs of UK Muslims who have a right to Zakat and an established collection service for Zakat payers who want to pay their Zakat locally in accordance with the Sunnah. We would like to thank everyone who has supported our work and look forward to serving more beneficiaries in 2016 when we will be celebrating our fifth year as the premier Zakat institution, serving Zakat payers and recipients in the UK.”  

The only UK organisation providing and end-to-end Zakat service, encompassing education, calculation, collection and distribution of Zakat funds for the benefit of local beneficiaries.


Zakat is often referred to as the ‘forgotten pillar’ due to the lack of understanding of its rules and principles amongst the community. NZF delivers easily accessible knowledge about Zakat and its core principles to increase the knowledge of Zakat in the UK. Learn more.


NZF provides the Muslim community with an effective and accurate means of calculating Zakat. It assists Zakat payers to calculate their Zakat correctly and confidently. Along with its Zakat guide and unique online calculator, NZF offers a free Zakat query service. Learn more.


NZF provides UK Zakat payers with a local Zakat collection service. It facilitates safe and secure payments via the website, bank transfers and through the post, to enable you to fulfil your obligation with ease. Learn more.


Zakat eligible applicants are given financial support through two main channels: hardship grants and supported housing. NZF receives over 120 applications and referrals every month, a figure that is steadily increasing as more Muslim families in the UK fall below the poverty line. If you know someone struggling to make ends meet, contact us.

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