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Become a Zakat trainer!

Become a Zakat trainer 
National Zakat Foundation (NZF) is the premier Zakat institution in the UK serving Zakat payers and recipients nationwide.  The NZF Services for Zakat Payers (SZP) department focus is to provide Zakat education, calculation and collection services with the aim of all Muslims understanding, calculating and paying Zakat accurately. 
As part of this critical endeavour we are organising 100 seminars and workshops to be delivered this year nationwide across Mosques and Islamic Centres. In order to achieve this we are requesting 30 Imams and Scholars to become Zakat trainers and assist us to disseminate vital knowledge about Zakat to the community and revive this forgotten pillar. 
Key benefits to the community
-Upholding the pillar of Zakat in the community
-Sharing knowledge of Zakat to help the grassroots community
-Serving the most needy and vulnerable within our society  
Key duties of the Zakat trainer
-To present Zakat seminars/talks/workshops 
-To ensure the accurate and timely dissemination of Zakat knowledge amongst communities and institutions in the UK, ensuring optimal understanding and appreciation of different audiences
Knowledge, Skills & Experience
-The Zakat trainers should have a foundational level knowledge of Zakat and its rulings, and a familiarity or interest in Islamic Jurisprudence. 
-The Zakat trainers should be able disseminate information in a clear and effective manner. 
-Qualified from a seminary, university or attended an institute of Islamic education.
-The ability to communicate in one or more of the following languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Somali.
-The Zakat trainers will meet for roundtable discussions to explore how best to convey vital Zakat knowledge to the community in a consistent and clear manner. 
-The Zakat Masterclass roundtable discussions will enable the Zakat trainers to meet and discuss contemporary issues relating to Zakat as well as gain practical insights into the day to day operations of National Zakat Foundation. 
-All class notes and presentation slides will be prepared by NZF and shared with the Zakat trainers at the Zakat Masterclass roundtable(s). 
-A £60 remuneration will be provided for each Zakat workshop delivered by the Zakat trainer. 
-If a Zakat trainer is requested to travel outside of his/her city all travel expenses will be covered. 
Key Dates 
Closing date of applications: 20th March 2016
How to apply
Please send an email to stating your interest or call Imam Abdullah Hasan on 07507992072 

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