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A hidden debt

Miscalculating Zakat or missing payment altogether is not uncommon. You may have had periods of unemployment for instance and assumed that you were not liable for Zakat. Or maybe you were unsure what it meant to have held wealth for a year before calculating your Zakat. For instance, if your cash fluctuated in that period, did you pay Zakat on the start balance or the end balance? 
Zakat is an obligation and should never depend on guess work, as this can easily lead to underpayment or even non payment. Why does this matter? Unpaid Zakat from previous years is both a debt to Allah and to its rightful recipients.
To help you determine if you have any missed Zakat, NZF has pulled a range of resources together to give you clarity and confidence in fulfilling the third pillar. If you do have any unpaid Zakat from the past, all is not lost. Remember it's never too late to make it up, so do not wait until Ramadan to relieve yourself from this burden.

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