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Champions Task: Week 9

Asalaamu Alaikum dear NZF Champion.

Alhamdulillah we have now reached the ninth week of our Summer campaign. We hope that you have enjoyed the tasks so far and are fully up to date with them by now insha'Allah. If you are still a few tasks behind, you can catch up on them here.

Your task for this week is:

Encourage your friends and family to pay Zakatul-Fitr to the National Zakat Foundation.

TEXT FITR41 £5 to 70070 for each person. 

A man should pay for himself and on behalf of anyone for whose maintenance he is responsible, e.g. wife, children, elderly parents, at the rate of £5 per head.

Donations can also be made online using the 'Other' category. Please email to confirm your Zakatul-Fitr donation. 

The Power of Du'a

As we enter the last ten days of this blessed month, it's time to take a break from our wordly affairs and focus on our spiritual goals. Making du'a is a beautiful and simple act of worship which brings one closer to Allah:

"And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then (answer them), I am indeed near to them. I respond to the supplications of the supplicant when he calls on Me!" Surah al-Baqarah, 186.

As a Champion, we recognise the hard work you have undertaken as part of the campaign alhamdulillah. Here are three key du'as to make over the next ten days in order to further strengthen your efforts: 

Make du'a for yourself: Ask Allah to accept all your efforts as an NZF Champion and pray that everything you have done has been sincerely for His sake alone

Make du'a for those in need: Pray for all those Muslims in our neighbourhoods going through difficulty, namely the homeless, the hungry, those crushed by debt, those living in broken homes and lonely new Muslims.

Make du'a for our community: Ask Allah to help the National Zakat Foundation make an integral contribution to the development of a pious, confident, selfless and self-sufficient UK Muslim community, in which no individual in need is left abandoned.

Did You Know?

In addition to Zakat, Zakatul-Fitr is another obligatory charity that is paid at the end of Ramadan prior to the Eid prayer for the benefit of the poor on the day of Eid itself.

About its significance, Imam an-Nawawi reports that Waki’ ibn al-Jarrah said, "Zakatul-Fitr for the month of Ramadaan is like two sajdahs of sahw (prostrations of forgetfulness) for the prayer. It makes up for any shortcomings in the fast as the prostrations make up for any shortcomings in the prayer."

Calculate your Zakat

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