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May Update

Get up to speed with Zakat 

Ramadan is the time when many people pay their Zakat. Now is the ideal time to brush up on our knowledge of this pillar of Islam so that we can fulfil this obligation accurately and confidently. To help you do just that, NZF will be delivering over 70 workshops throughout the country to walk you through your calculation step by step. Get up to speed with your Zakat and attend a workshop near you. Find out more here.
Marking five years

To mark the fifth year of NZF a special event was held entitled, "The Power of Zakat in Transforming our Community" in London. Zakat payers and NZF supporters came together to consider more deeply the significance and potential of establishing a Zakat institution in our current context in the UK. Keynote speakers, Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad and Shaykh Sohail Hanif, addressed the spiritual, historical and contemporary elements of Zakat and what that means for us as a UK Muslim community. If you missed the event, you can watch the recording here.
Eman Channel SKY 857

NZF has teamed up with Eman Channel on SKY 857 to raise awareness about the work that we do. This is an exciting new TV channel showcasing the very best Islamic programmes for you and your family. NZF will be appearing on three appeal nights during the month of Ramadan (17th Ramadan/23rd June, 24th Ramadan/30th June and 29th Ramadan/5th July) when we hope you will be calling in too! So, if you haven't already discovered Eman Channel, save it in your favourites or view the livestream from here.
Your Zakat at work

This May NZF processed 88 Zakat applications and distributed £83,474 of Zakat funds to individuals and families in need on our doorstep. A number of cases highlighting the plight of asylum seekers were received, most of whom receive only a small weekly allowance of less then £5 per day from the Home Office. This stipend rarely meets their essential needs so they are unable to attend key appointment or purchase items of clothing and shoes after having arrived in the UK with little to nothing. If you would like to make a difference to the needy on our doorstep, you can volunteer with our Zakat distribution team. Apply here.
What's on?

If you haven't attended one of our Zakat workshops recently, or even if you want to recap and bring along any pending queries, view our full list of nationwide Zakat workshops here. All events are free as part of our ongoing commitment to serve you, the Zakat payer. Attendees will come away with a clearer understanding of not only how to calculate Zakat accurately, but with a deeper insight into its wisdoms and spiritual benefits too. 

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Calculate your Zakat

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