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September update

Huma's hopes for her future after she got married were optimistic, but when she moved from Pakistan to London, it was far from a fairy tale. Read more.

Zakat Service Centre

There are just 28 days to go until NZF’s big move to the Zakat Service Centre in the heart of London! This is not just a landmark for NZF, it is a milestone for the Muslim community in the UK.

Zakat is mentioned alongside Salat almost 30 times in the Qur'an and by upholding the two pillars together with the Zakat Service Centre and East London Mosque side by side, we will be able to deliver services that bring immeasurable value to the community.  View exclusive 360° videos of the work done so far. (Best viewed on a mobile device) here and here.

University Scholarship Fund update

This year NZF received applications from across the country for our University Scholarship Fund. The Fund aims to nurture talent within the Muslim community to create a network of ethical, educated and responsible citizens of society. 22 bright, talented and Zakat-eligible students will be helped to pursue studies in diverse subjects including: Politics, Law, Accounting, Dentistry, Arabic and Linguistic Studies, Aerospace Engineering and English.
Find out how Zakat transformed the life of one of last year’s University Scholarship Fund recipients by listening here.

What's on

The Faith Centre, Bradford Supporters' Dinner, Monday 3rd October 2016, Bradford 6:30pm-9pm. Find out more.

Mai'da Restaurant, Blackburn Supporters' Dinner, Tuesday 4th October 2016, Blackburn 6:30pm-9pm. Find out more.

Royal Nawaab, Manchester Supporters' Dinner, Wednesday 5th October 2016, Manchester 6:30pm-9pm. Find out more.

Chaudhry's Buffet Restaurant, North London Supporters' Dinner, Sunday 9th October 2016, London 7pm-9pm. Find out more.

The City Retreat, Leicester Supporters' Dinner, Monday 10th October 2016, Leicester 7:30pm-10pm. Find out more.

La Favorita, Birmingham Supporters' Dinner, Tuesday 11th October 2016, Birmingham 7pm-9:30pm. Find out more.

Chak 89, South London Supporters' Dinner, Wednesday 19th October 2016, London 7:30pm-9:30pm. Find out more.

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