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November update

No one helped him like you helped him

Just days after moving into the Zakat Centre, NZF were contacted by Sabbir’s friend and informed that he had passed away. Sabbir was a Zakat recipient. His funeral would take place next door in East London Mosque. Sabbir’s friend thanked the staff at NZF and said, “No one had helped him like you helped him”. He had been diagnosed with cancer and told he only had a few months to live. Sabbir did not have access to public funds and would sleep on his friend’s sofa, or spend time at a hospice where he received treatment to cope with the extreme pain he was suffering from.

By providing Sabbir with subsistence and rent, he could see out his remaining days with dignity.

Like Sabbir, there are many people who are suffering the effects of poverty, you can make a real difference to their lives. Refer someone in need today and help us to serve others.

Open Days at the Zakat Centre

NZF have moved into the new Zakat Centre and will have two Open Days for you to visit. Throughout the two days, there will be several opportunities for you to view the Centre. The Centre will be open to the general public on Saturday 10th December. An exclusive viewing for supporters of NZF will be on Sunday 11th December. 

There will be a short presentation followed by a chance for you to meet NZF staff. You will also get to ask questions to gain an understanding of the work we do and how it benefits the community. 

Refreshments will be provided. Find out more and reserve one of the limited spaces to avoid missing out.

Saturday 10th December 2016
Sunday 11th December 2016

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