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January update

Every year there is proportion of wealth that needs to be paid in Zakat. This wealth does not belong to those who possess it, but is a debt to Allah and to the poor (Qur’an 51:19). Many people have this hidden debt due to miscalculating or missing their Zakat. These are just some of the scenarios where you may have too: 

  • As a teenager, you may have had enough money in your bank account to warrant paying Zakat but not thought about it.  
  • As a student at university or upon graduation, you may have incorrectly assumed that you didn’t have to pay Zakat due to having a student loan. 
  • You may have been unsure whether to pay Zakat on jewellery or not.  

There are many other examples. To find out more and learn how to get up to date with your Zakat, visit:

Be an ambassador for Zakat in Leicester

If you are passionate about upholding a pillar of Islam, you have until midnight on Tuesday 14th February 2017 to apply for a unique opportunity to be a Community Relations Officer at NZF. The successful candidate will be an ambassador for Zakat services in Leicester and the Midlands. This is a full-time post and senior role. If you have experience in local community work, fundraising, volunteer management or similar fields, you could be the perfect person for this role. Find out more and apply here.

CAKE! NZF Volunteer Open Day

Get involved and bring to life the pillar of Zakat locally. NZF will be holding 2 open days for volunteers at the Zakat Centre in London. We are looking for ambassadors to represent NZF in each borough of the Capital. Find out more and register here.

The story behind the picture 

Discover the story behind this photo and why it has touched the hearts of thousands of people. The resident’s spirit through adversity is an inspiration for many and has been shared widely online. He has received assistance now, but there are many more like him.

If you know of anyone struggling to make ends meet, refer them to NZF today by visiting or calling 03333 123 123.

What's on

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Wednesday 15th February 2017, 8:00pm-8:45pm. Find out more.

Cheadle Mosque, Missing Millions,
Saturday 18th February 2017, Manchester, 8pm. Find out more.

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Sunday 19th February 2017, Birmingham, 7:15pm. Find out more.

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Thursday 23rd February 2017, London, 7:15pm. Find out more.

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