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February update

£5 million of Zakat distributed

To date NZF has distributed over £5 million of Zakat funds in the UK to families and individuals in desperate need. This represents a significant milestone not just for NZF, but for the entire Muslim community in the UK. We now have a Zakat institution addressing the needs of UK Muslims who have a right to Zakat and an established collection service for Zakat payers who want to pay their Zakat locally in accordance with the Prophetic tradition.

There's more to do!

Despite reaching this milestone, much more needs to be done as millions of pounds of Zakat remain unpaid. NZF recently held several workshops to get people up to speed with their Zakat. As a result, many came forward to clear their Zakat debt. One of these enquires came from a lady in her seventies who realised she had many years of Zakat to make up. With the help of NZF’s Zakat experts, she was able to relieve herself of the debt. Find out if you have any outstanding Zakat by visiting:

Business Zakat Consultations

Whilst you’re getting your accounts in order for the end of the tax year this April, have you considered if you are up to date with Zakat for your business too? Book a free appointment for a private consultation with one of NZF’s qualified Zakat experts. 

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