PAYMENT LINE: 03333 123 123

March update

National Zakat Hotline

Ramadan is fast approaching, it’s the time when many people calculate and pay their Zakat. If you need assistance to understand and calculate your Zakat, we’re here to support you. You can access NZF’s confidential Zakat Hotline onextension #2. Calls are handled by qualified Zakat experts who will be able to assist you with your Zakat needs. Call 03333 123 123

Host a Zakat workshop

NZF will be running workshops throughout the country to help you brush up your knowledge of this pillar of Islam. After attending the workshop, you will be able to fulfil this obligation accurately and confidently. To book a workshop at your local mosque or community centre, visit

Zakat Assistants

NZF has an exciting opportunity for you to uphold the pillar of Zakat locally and join our team as a Zakat Assistant. The role will be central to NZF’s Ramadan activities and involve working alongside a Community Relations Officer to facilitating Zakat workshops at Mosques and Islamic institutions. So, if you or anyone you know has experience in local community work, volunteer management or similar fields, find out more and apply here.


Calculate your Zakat

Calculate your Zakat confidently and accurately today.