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A Record 2017

Dear supporter, Assalamu alaikum 

With growing awareness of NZF around the country and the presence of a Zakat Centre adjacent to East London Mosque, we have seen a record number of Zakat payers and recipients in 2017, our sixth full year of operation. All this has only been possible with the help of our Lord and with your trust and commitment in NZF as the only Zakat focused organisation working across the United Kingdom.
Amongst the highlights from 2017 are the following:

- £3.6m of Zakat distributed to 3,728 recipients; almost £8m [8,226 recipients] since inception.

- Worked at the forefront of the response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy, issuing cash grants to both Muslims (£128,000 Zakat) and other residents/families affected (£44,000 Sadaqah).

- Selected by the Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund to distribute a further £105,000 of cash grants.

- Grenfell Muslim Response Unit established to assist with the medium and long-term needs of survivors and transitioned to being operated by NZF.

- Pride of Britain award for Zain Miah, Project Manager of Grenfell Muslim Response Unit.

- Muslim Leaders Development Fund launched to support emerging leaders within the community in maximising the impact of their efforts.

- Over 10,000 Zakat payers entrusted their Zakat to NZF, adding up to Zakat income of £3.1m in the year, up from £2.5m in 2016.

- £700,000 of voluntary donations were received, up from £500,000 in 2016, which were critical in supporting the core costs of the organisation and helping us to expand our reach and service quality.

- Specialist guides launched for Zakat calculation on pensions and businesses.  

• 200+ calculation workshops were delivered throughout the country, online and radio.
2018: exciting year ahead.

NZF plans to distribute at least £4m of Zakat across the country in 2018, continuing to adhere to its policy of ensuring that your Zakat will on average be distributed within five to six months of payment.
Over the course of 2017, NZF has been engaged in an intense process of research and consultation in relation to understanding much more deeply the eight categories of Zakat expenditure mentioned in the Qur’an (9:60) and therefore deliver the full potential of our community’s Zakat. This has resulted in changes to our vision/mission statements as well as our distribution strategy for the coming year.
We will be providing more details about this in the coming weeks and months into Ramadan, both via email and at a series of events around the country for our Zakat payers. In the meantime, you can read more about the framework for these changes here:
May Allah accept all our efforts over the past year and make the coming one a blessed and prosperous one for us all.
Iqbal Nasim
Chief Executive
National Zakat Foundation

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