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I cannot afford my next meal.

If you are hungry today but cannot afford to buy food provisions, there are steps you can take to access emergency food.

1. Borrow money from friends or family for the short term.

2. Apply for advanced benefit payment. More information here.

3. If you are an asylum seeker, you can contact Migrant Help 0808 8000 630

4. Visit your local foodbank (see below)

Accessing your local food bank

There are over 2000 foodbanks in the UK providing short term food assistance for those that need it. Most foodbanks are accessed via a voucher system.

Follow the steps outlined so you can access an emergency food parcel.

1. Find your local food bank here:

a) Independent Food Aid Network

b) Trussell Trust

c) Greater Together Manchester 

2. Call your local foodbank who can talk through your situation and advise you on next steps

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