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Muslim Leadership Development Fund

Last week, interviews for the Muslim Leaders Development Fund (MLDF) came to an end. With interviews taking place over two days at the Aziz Foundation offices, panellists from the National Zakat Foundation (NZF) and the Aziz Foundation came together to hear from over a dozen applicants.

The fund supports exceptional men and women who excel in their respective fields of study, and who have proved themselves to be emerging leaders. Candidates must demonstrate a high level of commitment to community service, as well as aspirations to lead and inspire in their respective fields.

Emerging leaders must have identified education or training that will increase their effectiveness in one of the following three community development areas relating to Islam and Muslims in the UK: Better Public Perception, Effective Representation or Religious Literacy.

Successful applicants receive support in their chosen career paths, so they can be a beacon for Islam here in the UK.

This round of interviews saw over 50 new entries to the pool, and amongst the applications were candidates requesting support for Islamic counselling, Islamic Studies and Alimmiyyah programmes.

They were asked a series of questions relating to their chosen course, their financial situation and how they plan to further benefit the community.

Through the MLDF, the National Zakat Foundation and the Aziz Foundation have now invested in the education and training of over 70 emerging leaders. We have supported them in a range of areas, from language courses to research degrees, so we can help solve the vast amount of issues and challenges faced by Muslims here in the UK and abroad.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to develop Muslims leaders, and we thank Allah for choosing us to be part of this crucial work.

30th November 2018

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