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Take your community leadership skills to the next level with streetwise mba

Take your community leadership skills to the next level with streetwise mba

NZF is delighted to announce that it’s giving out a bursary for emerging Muslim religious leaders and other community champions to take part in the streetwise mba, a highly experiential leadership programme aimed at helping leaders become more inclusive.

The programme uses the city as the classroom, taking participants to places they wouldn’t usually go to meet with a variety of other leaders they might not otherwise meet. The programme brings together people from different backgrounds with a wide range of experiences, all leaders from across the public, private and charity sectors. The purpose of the programme is to develop the participants’ cultural intelligence to lead strong, resilient teams and make better decisions.

Who should apply?

This opportunity, which is made possible by National Zakat Foundation, is open to any Muslim living in UK who has the right to remain and work in the UK, entitled to receive zakat and who is able to demonstrate that they are committed to community service and creating social impact. The applicant could be:

1) in a role that requires them to manage and/or influence multiple internal or external stakeholders from different sectors

2) work in diverse teams or lead colleagues from many different cultures

3) being challenged to operate their specialisation

4) in transition and know they need to adapt fast

5) determined to succeed despite ambiguous environments

6) have the potential and the ambition to enter into senior-level executive positions in the respective sector within the next five to ten years

7) demonstrate a leadership track record inside and/or outside their organisation

8) acting as innovators – even disruptors – of systems

Application information required

To apply, applicants need to:

1) complete the National Zakat Foundation education fund application form here

2) submit a cover letter or video (not more than 2 mins) stating why the leadership opportunity is for you and how will you make a positive contribution to the Muslim community in the UK

3) The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Thursday 7 March 2020

4) Whilst this is a full bursary, we do ask the participating individual to commit to the following:

5) To attend the full duration of the programme (total of 3 full days plus a two-hour translate workshop)

6) Ensure that you are free from any normal work commitments so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.

7) Cover transport costs to the chosen city in the UK if required (course fees, food, travel during the programme day is included and there is no cost associated with these).

8) Completion of the required pre-work (online modules and webinar), including a 360-degree assessment, which will involve other members of your staff/community

9) Support in a social media campaign related to the programme via Twitter, LinkedIn etc. (we will provide full details and support to all applicants in this area).

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