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NZF Champions Evening - London and Manchester

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming meetings for NZF Champions in London and Manchester on Monday 22nd April from 7:15pm to 8:30pm insha'Allah. 


The meetings will be a good opportunity to find out more about our latest work and how you can get involved insha'Allah. You will also be able to meet your fellow Champions as well as the NZF team and ask any questions you have about our work. 


Please feel free to bring any friends who are interested in volunteering for NZF (register all names using the link below).  


Venue details are as follows:



Mercy Mission Office

Wembley Point

1 Harrow Road




1 Universal Square

Devonshire Street North


M12 6JH 


Please click here to register your interest for the meetings.  


We hope you will be able to attend and look forward to meeting you soon insha'Allah.

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