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Bilal Stoimenova’s Story

Bilal is a qualified builder working in his brother's construction business. After becoming Muslim his brother disowned him and kicked him out of the house. Bilal had nowhere to go and was left penniless and homeless. He struggled to find work, and with no accommodation he couldn't claim Job Seekers Allowance. Bilal has no family in the UK other than his brother.

How NZF helped
Since being in touch with NZF, we have helped Bilal with accommodation and living costs. We are in the process of printing flyers for him, to help him market his business and earn a living. He had accumulated some debt with his bank before converting to Islam, but with no job he has not been able to pay it off. NZF has provided him with accommodation and other expenses such as food and travel. We have also been able to help find him work from time to time. NZF will be paying off his debt, so that his bank account can be reinstated, enabling him to access certain benefits.

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