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Meet Mariah

Mariah came to the UK through marriage on a spouse visa. She put her faith in her husband to take care of their needs. He has started becoming violent towards Mariah and the children, keeping tight control of all finances and depriving them of basic needs. She knows that this cannot go on but doesn't have any relatives in the UK to provide her with safe shelter, nor does she have the language skills to fend for herself.

Meet Tahir
Tahir came to the UK as an asylum seeker from Algeria. He is keen to work and came here for a better life. His asylum application became delayed and his papers lost in the system, meaning that he still has no right to work and has only very limited recourse to state support. He often finds himself hungry and lacking basic essentials. 
Meet Jamal
Like many young men in the UK, Jamal was exposed to the wrong crowds and was caught with the possession of drugs. Jamal served a sentence in prison and in that time committed himself to change. He managed to get off drugs and strengthen himself spiritually. Upon release, he was determined not to return to his previous life, but was finding it impossible to get a job and his family didn't want him back. When he came to NZF, he was in the same clothes he left prison with almost a month earlier.
Mariah, Tahir and Jamal are real. Sadly they aren't the only ones, and there are thousands more like them in the UK.
Since its launch in 2011, the National Zakat Foundation has processed 1,500 applications for support and distributed over £1.4 million of Zakat to local, deserving recipients.

Zakat begins at home
Scholars agree that Zakat distribution should be prioritised in the area where the funds are collected. If we don't support the thousands who are eligible to receive Zakat in the UK and respond to their needs, then who will?
Yes, I want to give my Zakat locally this Ramadan
You can respond to the call of your community and join us in our effort to raise £1.5 million Zakat locally this Ramadan for vulnerable and destitute Muslims in the UK.

£250 provides emergency accommodation, food, clothing and support for 5 days.
£100 can supply 2 weeks food vouchers for a family struggling to make ends meet.
£50 can fund 2 essential counselling sessions for a victim of domestic abuse.


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