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Individual Support

The Zakat Fund is a lifeline to those in need. We receive applications for support from desperate individuals and families on a daily basis, many of whom have nowhere to go and have all but given up hope. Below you will find a selection of APPLICANT CASES with details about the actual individual/family in need. YOU can change the story for brothers and sisters just like them and give hope to those who most need it.

Featured Case: Sara's Story

For five years, Sara endured horrific physical and psychological abuse from her husband. One day, she was severely beaten and decided enough was enough. But her husband made sure the divorce process was difficult and he withheld all forms of financial support from her.

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Featured Case: Bilal's Story

In 2001, Bilal came to the UK to study. He was orphaned as a baby and raised by his aunt, who funded his studies. However when she suddenly died, he could no longer afford the fees and dropped out of education. Bilal wasn’t entitled to any benefits and was left homeless. He resorted to sleeping on the night bus, going from the first to the last stop… and back again… every night.

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Aisha & Rehana's Story

Aisha and Rehana are sisters and victims of domestic violence. Aisha’s 3 yr old son was sexually abused by a friend and her other child suffers from epilepsy. Rehana desperately needs medical attention as she suffers from diabetes, blood pressure, breathing problems, foot ulcers and is losing vision from one eye.

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Hana Moussa's Story

Hanan has 2 young children and came to the UK on a student visa. Her husband left her for another woman within months. She has nobody to turn to for help and has had to resort to begging on the streets and outside mosques in London. Hanan fears persecution if she goes back to her home country.

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Jamil Trouar's Story

Jamil is from Rwanda and accepted Islam 6 years ago. He came to the UK as a student and was planning to return to his country. However, after the Rwandan elections in 2010 his father and family were arrested without trial and tortured. He is afraid to go back for fear of his life.

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Jamila Khatiri's Story

Jamila is a single mother with four dependent daughters. Her legal status stipulates that she can work in the UK but she has no access to benefits. She has found it very hard to find enough paid work and is now behind on her rent. She has been faced with an eviction notice and is on the verge of becoming homeless.

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Neha al Jamali's Story

Neha is a single mother with two toddlers. She came to the UK to escape persecution from her ex-husband who physically and mentally abused her. However, when she arrived she realised that she was pregnant. Her husband soon joined her and after a while, the violence began again.

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Shima Khatun's Story

Shima came to the UK on a spouse visa. However soon after arriving, her husband started to subject her to severe physical violence. She has no family in the UK and with no legal status she is not able to seek support from the government.

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Suad Tabassum's Story

Suad is an elderly widow in her sixties and a dependent of her son who recently left prison. Her son has to complete his sentence at home and cannot venture out. Suad is therefore the sole breadwinner, but as she does not speak English and is elderly, she is finding it impossible to find a job. She is in severe debt and is being threatened by her creditors.

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Abu Baker’s Story

Towards the end of February, Abu Baker came to the UK from Spain with his wife and child. He had no money, no English language skills, and no friends or family here. He came here looking for work because his family had suffered significant hardship from his wife’s relations ever since she accepted Islam in Spain.

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Bilal Stoimenova’s Story

Bilal is a qualified builder working in his brother’s construction business. After converting to Islam, his brother disowned him and kicked him out of the house. Bilal had nowhere to go and was left penniless and homeless.

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Sulaiman al Gambi’s Story

Sulaiman took out a loan to start a web development business. Initially the business took off and he was doing well. He was living with his wife in a flat sub-let to him by another Muslim brother, to whom he paid his monthly rent without fail.

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Habiba’s Story

Habiba and Samad fled to this country with their 7 year old son from the Middle East, after suffering persecution for practicing Islam. Prior to the civil unrest, Samad owned a small convenience store, and was financially comfortable.

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Ahmed’s Story

Ahmed comes from a respected, hard working farming family in Kurdistan. However, his life was turned upside down when war broke out. Most of his family was killed in the bombings so, in desperation, Ahmed fled to this country.

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