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A hidden teen wealth

It wasn’t long after she graduated that Marwa found her first job. She had been studying for over four years, but now, 6 months into her new role, she felt she had finally made it to where she wanted to be. As she looked out of her office building, she could see across London and the many people far below walking along the banks of the River Thames.

When she was growing up, she lived in a small house with her parents and 5 siblings. Marwa would hardly see her father as he worked two jobs just to provide enough to sustain the household. Whilst at school, Marwa applied for an Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA), a fund which allows students of underprivileged backgrounds to pay for the incurred costs of education such as: clothing, books and other equipment, as well as transport expenses.

Marwa begun paying Zakat at university, she had never really known what the threshold to pay Zakat (Nisab) was and assumed she had only just exceeded it with the onset of her student loan. However, she realised after attending a sister’s circle, that the Nisab level was lower than she had anticipated. Marwa concluded that she must have exceeded the Nisab when she was receiving EMA. She wondered if she would be forgiven for not knowing at the time or if she was obliged to make up for the unpaid Zakat.

It was at this point that Marwa contacted NZF to seek an answer which would put her mind at ease. She was told by the Zakat consultant that she had to try her best to find past bank statements, these would help her to identify how much Zakat she owed. Unfortunately for Marwa, her bank did not allow her to access statements from that far back into the past. Marwa once again contacted the Zakat consultant to ask what she could do. She was told that if she could not access documentation showing how much EMA she had, she had to estimate to the best of her ability and give Zakat based on that figure. Her consultant suggested it would be better to err in the side of caution with her estimations.

The subsequent Zakat that Marwa had to pay was not a lot, it was however enough to help her get up to date with her Zakat.

If you have any unpaid Zakat from previous years, allow us to help you get up to date: or call us on 03333 123 123. Alternatively, if you need one-to-one support, request a callback appointment and NZF will ring you to talk through your missed Zakat query.

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