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A Timely Turnaround in Aisha’s life

Where we turn recipients into payers.
Here is a message from Aisha, someone we recently helped:

“Dear brothers and sisters, I have just made a Zakat payment
through the NZF website.

My decision to pay my Zakat to NZF was simple.

You helped me in my time of need where I experienced first-hand the Mercy of God through your organisation.

Alhamdulillah, I was able to refrain from getting into further debt and focus on getting back into work.

Less than a year on I am now in a position to pay Zakat and give back to the very organisations that helped me get back onto my two feet.

May God continue to give NZF the ability to help others. Ameen.”

Aisha – London

We empower individuals who come to us for support so that one day they become Zakat payers. They get on the path to being independent aswell as feel confident about their faith and future.

National Zakat Foundation uses Zakat to support individuals in a transformative way, so they can be self-sufficient. Stay up-to-date with all our latest insights, stories, research and news – subscribe here for our monthly newsletter.

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