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A widow from Afghanistan

Huda lived in Afghanistan. She lost her husband in a shooting. Left alone to care for two children, she plummeted into a state of despair.

At first, she was getting support from her relatives and the local women. However, as time went on, Huda felt that her and her children were becoming a burden on those supporting them. Gradually, the friends she called ‘sisters’ began to drift away. The women in the community started to avoid Huda and her family, leaving them completely isolated.

Huda would make some money by selling her cooking in the local community. However, after the community shunned her, the little money she was making made began to dry up.

The area Huda lived in was notoriously dangerous and without a father figure, Huda feared for her children. These thoughts stirred within her and would keep her up at night. Huda often woke up with her heart pounding and in a sweat, she would check on her children to make sure nothing had happened to them.

Huda decided to sell her possessions and use the money to get tickets to the UK. The family arrived in Bolton and made an asylum application. At first, they had no understanding of how to get by in an English-speaking country and it became very difficult for them until they found some local assistance. The family were housed and thought they would make progress. Unfortunately, the accommodation they were put into was in a terrible state. The beds had bedbugs and the rooms were uninhabitable.

Huda and her children were passed on to the National Zakat Foundation by a local charity. NZF thoroughly assessed their case for accommodation and provided an alternate place for them to stay. This would be haven away from all the trauma the family had been through.

Huda is eager to start working for herself again. She would like to return to selling her cooking as she did in Afghanistan. Without her husband, Huda thought she would entirely crumble, but through your Zakat, NZF were able to support her.

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