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An elderly man’s generosity

Now retired, Mehmet would love to spend as much time as he could at the mosque. He was well known to all in the community. Mehmet would take any opportunity to do good deeds and speak to those in the community to find out if anyone needed help.

3 years ago, Mehmet discovered that one of his friends was in a difficult financial position. He resolved to help his friend out of his predicament. After the noon prayer, Mehmet took his friend to one side and asked him what he could do to be of assistance. His friend was undergoing short-term constraints with his cashflow, he assured Mehmet that it would soon be resolved. After the situation was explained fully, Mehmet offered to lend the money. His friend gratefully accepted and promised to pay him back within the year.

It had been a few years and Mehmet had yet to receive any of the money that was owed to him by his friend. He contacted a Zakat consultant at NZF to see if he had to include this money in his Zakat calculation. He assumed that since the money was not in his possession, he would not have to pay Zakat on it. The Zakat consultant told him that as long as his friend acknowledged that he owed Mehmet the money and there was a sufficient belief of repayment, then he would have to include the loan for the years that it was lent out.

Mehmet was unable to fulfill this obligation. The consultant told Mehmet that he should not worry. He could pay the loan back in small portions over time and to the best of his ability. Mehmet felt relieved that there was a reasonable solution within his capacity as a retired pensioner.

If you have any unpaid Zakat from previous years, allow us to help you get up to date: or call us on 03333 123 123. Alternatively, if you need one-to-one support, request a callback appointment and NZF will ring you to talk through your missed Zakat query.

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