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20 January 2018

How Salat and Zakat can transform our situation

  It is imperative for us to understand the pillars of Islam not simply as rituals, but as a strategic framework for success in this life and the next. On average, one person dies every minute in the United Kingdom. Globally it’s one a second. The Angel of Death is clearly rather busy. When we…

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10 January 2018

Dead of Winter

This year the winter has been so cold it killed. Temperatures have been below freezing in the UK endangering those without a home. Laila never thought she could have been considered homeless. She was born and raised in the UK. Growing up in an abusive family, she was forced to flee her parental home and…

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9 December 2017

[Watch] Zakat is not Charity

​Millions are paid to good causes all around the world in the name of charity. A lot of it is given as Zakat but have we misunderstood what it’s purpose is? Iqbal Nasim (Chief Executive) presents a short but insightful explanation on the reality of Zakat, with a powerful message: that Zakat isn’t charity and…

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