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26 March 2017

What Zakat really is

I often have a tendency to detach my act of worship from the underlying purpose, perhaps like many others around me . I give charity in order to give charity for the sake of the charity itself, but what we should really be doing is connecting it back to the original purpose. This is a…

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16 March 2017

A widow from Afghanistan

Huda lived in Afghanistan. She lost her husband in a shooting. Left alone to care for two children, she plummeted into a state of despair. At first, she was getting support from her relatives and the local women. However, as time went on, Huda felt that her and her children were becoming a burden on…

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8 March 2017

On the path to recovery

Hamza’s journey began when he had to leave his family home, his relationship with his parents had deteriorated and the tension had reached an unbearable level for everyone. Leaving home would be a moment that would shape his life. Every day on the street was a battle for Hamzah. The nights were rough and during…

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3 February 2017

A hidden teen wealth

It wasn’t long after she graduated that Marwa found her first job. She had been studying for over four years, but now, 6 months into her new role, she felt she had finally made it to where she wanted to be. As she looked out of her office building, she could see across London and…

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