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28 May 2017

CASE STUDY: A crippling past

“A considerable amount of research has found that trauma has negative effects on physical health” As a caseworker, I have never met someone like Ayaan, her story shook me and brought me to tears. I met Ayaan when I visited one of the Supported Housing Projects that the National Zakat Foundation funds. When I saw…

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21 May 2017

Happy endings…

Yusuf had seen the effects of war scatter his people in their millions to refugee camps and neighbouring countries in Africa – and in their hundreds of thousands to the UK, Canada and the United States. His country had experienced a modern history of independence, prosperity and democracy in the 1960s, military dictatorship in the 1970s…

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9 May 2017

Sister sister

Since their mother died due to an illness, sisters Abidah and Aisha lived alone with their father. The family came to the UK from West Africa hoping to escape their situation. However, their experience was very different from what they had expected. Whilst in West Africa, the sisters would dress themselves in their ragged school…

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26 March 2017

What Zakat really is

I often have a tendency to detach my act of worship from the underlying purpose, perhaps like many others around me . I give charity in order to give charity for the sake of the charity itself, but what we should really be doing is connecting it back to the original purpose. This is a…

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