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28 July 2017

Zakat Case Study: Lost in Translation

هل بإمكانك مساعدتي me puedes ayudar kannst du mir helfen Mi potete aiutare Pouvez-vous m’aider Can you help me … It doesn’t matter how many times and or how many ways Idrees asked, there was no one willing to help him. Idrees a young and gentle brother originally from Morocco, was a pleasure to meet….

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15 June 2017

A struggle against the odds

“Rafique is fighter and he will never give up ” (Rafique’s Mother) Rafique would always struggle against the odds. He always put every effort into everything he did. Despite coming from a poor family, he worked and studied relentlessly in his home country so he could apply to a top university in the UK. An…

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12 June 2017

Married at 16

A hard-working girl, Shelina she never stepped out of line. She loved her parents so much, some would say she was submissive to them. Shelina did everything to please them. Her heartstrings were closely tied to her father’s words – he would merely ask her something and she felt like she couldn’t refuse. At the…

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3 June 2017


Can you Imagine your husband tying you up and leaving you stranded in another country? I can – it happened to me. I loved a man who promised me everything I ever wanted – a home and a family. He is a British citizen and I was a girl from a village a continent away…

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