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30 July 2014

Cameron outlines immigration curbs ‘to put Britain first’

The UK is to halve to three months the time EU migrants without realistic job prospects can claim benefits. David Cameron said the “magnetic pull” of UK benefits had to be addressed so people came for the right reasons and the rules “put Britain first”. The prime minister also warned people who are in the…

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19 July 2014

A million more adults in poverty, figures show

Further evidence of Britain’s “living standards crisis” emerged yesterday in official figures suggesting that a million more working age adults had fallen into poverty. Trade union leaders seized on the annual statistics, saying they showed that between 2010-11 and 2012-13, one million more adults and half a million more children went into absolute poverty after…

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13 July 2014

Confused about where to give? Don’t be!

With the recent escalation of events in Gaza, the continued suffering of the people of Syria and the ongoing episodes of poverty and oppression in so many parts of the Muslim world, many of us who would otherwise gladly give our Zakat and Sadaqah to support those in need within own own localities might now…

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