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26 January 2017

Studying with a vision

‘The next train at platform 5 is the 9:30 to London Euston, calling at Birmingham International, Coventry, Northampton, Milton Keynes Central and Watford Junction’, said the voice on the tannoy. Idris, who had been listening attentively, asked someone where he could find this platform. He struggled to make out the signs at the station, his…

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19 January 2017

The Role of Zakat in Building Faith Communities

Muslims in minority settings must wake up to the importance of Zakat. The payment of Zakat is one of the most repeated injunctions of the Noble Qur’an. It is conjoined in importance with the ritual prayer (Salat) almost thirty times. God has promised many things in the Qur’an to those who give Zakat: His special…

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30 December 2016

Walking across London

Samir faced a decision, stay put or leave. He had been sleeping behind Paddington Station, but now temperatures were falling, he was left with little choice but to find another place to stay. Having heard about the Zakat Centre from a member of a mosque nearby, Samir set out on a journey across London. He…

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1 November 2016

A prisoner in her own home – part 1

Nahima awoke the following morning, she looked about at her unfamiliar surroundings. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she thought “am I dreaming, did last night actually happen?”. Although the police wouldn’t normally provide someone with a place to stay, they were shocked by her case and offered her a room to spend a…

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