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6 February 2019

Polio ruined my life, so NZF helped me build a new one

After contracting Polio as a baby, Jamilah was diagnosed with Post-Polio Syndrome. The condition weakened her muscles until she couldn’t walk, and in order to lead a normal life, she desperately needed a mobility scooter. But she couldn’t afford one. Find out how the National Zakat Foundation supported Jamilah so she could build a successful…

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1 February 2019

Grenfell Together

On January 24th, 2019, the Grenfell Muslim Response Unit (GMRU) hosted its final event – Grenfell Together. The event brought together the families, staff, volunteers, funders, and partners of the GMRU to reflect on our milestones and consider the wider social issues revealed by the Grenfell tragedy. Panel sessions featured survivors, campaigners and charity workers…

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21 January 2019

NZF believed in me. Now I’m living my dream.

Relocating to the UK from France was supposed to be simple for Sarah. In her country, she was a well-paid teacher. But when she arrived here, she struggled to find a job and before long, she found herself having to choose between paying the rent and buying food. This is how the National Zakat Foundation…

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24 December 2018

NZF’s support meant I could grieve for my teenage son

After Mustafa’s teenage son died, the pressures of working, caring for his children and disable wife was too much to bear. When he couldn’t keep up with the bills, he quickly fell into debt. This is how NZF shouldered some of his burdens, so Mustafa could move forward and focus on healing. The first time…

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17 December 2018

World Zakat Forum 2018

At the beginning of December, the National Zakat Foundation (NZF) travelled to Melaka, Malaysia, to represent the UK at this year’s annual World Zakat Forum (WZF). Just like NZF, the World Zakat Forum develops and encourages the practice of Zakat, in order to strengthen Islam, unify Muslims, and amplify the impact Muslims are making on…

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16 December 2018

NZF helped clear my debt so I could take care of my family again

Ubaid was a successful businessman – but then the recession hit. When he couldn’t pay the bills, he borrowed money from family, friends, and even payday lenders, then spiralled into a cycle of debt. By the time Ubaid contacted National Zakat Foundation, he felt like his only escape was death. This is how NZF helped…

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