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The recipient who didn’t see the end of her case


When Zainab applied to get support for her family’s immigration application, her caseworker didn’t know that he would have to complete the case without her.

Zainab and her family had arrived in the UK over a decade ago, up until this point, they were legally allowed to stay. However, their application to be granted indefinite leave to remain was approaching and their future lay out of their hands.

The family of 5 had been dealing with Zainab’s health issues for several years. Since her heart transplant, Zainab had always been in and out of hospital and had been prescribed strong medication to enable her body to accept the transplant. Although Zainab had been suffering from health problems, she dealt with all the families’ financial and legal issues.

When Zainab went to a solicitor for advice, the information she was given would mean she would have to spend more on her application than was necessary. It wasn’t until NZF’s legal caseworker offered her an alternative that she would drastically save on this expense. Following this advice, Zainab went back to her solicitor in order to amend her application.

After assessing the case, NZF agreed to support the families’ legal application and the caseworker was positive it would be a positive result for the family – it was.

Ten days after the family’s appeal had been accepted, NZF received a call from Zainab’s husband. Lost for words, he wept down the phone. He went on to describe how Zainab’s heart had failed as they shopped for groceries – Zainab had passed away.

Her husband, Irfan, would eventually pick up the case. As he did not know how to deal with the NZF application or any of the legal issues, the caseworker walked Irfan through step by step.

Distraught and unable to cope with the loss, Irfan was struggling with the changes in his situation. He was unable to work the hours he did before and needed the support of NZF to subsidise the family through this difficult period.

In just a matter of weeks, Irfan and his family no longer asked NZF for support. Their situation drastically changed and Irfan became confident they would no longer need NZF support going forward.

The process for the application took a fair few months. Although Zainab did not see the fruits of her efforts, her family would.

Please make dua for sister Zainab and her family. Without Zakat payers like you, Zainab’s family would have not only had to face losing her but also their right to remain in their home of over a decade.

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