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Thirteen missed years

That night, Abida struggled to get to sleep. During the day, the topic of Zakat had come up in a conversation with a friend. She had never really thought about this pillar of Islam before, it had floated at the periphery of her mind. As far as she knew, she was practicing her faith; she would pray 5 times a day, fast during the month of Ramadan and had even performed the Hajj pilgrimage. From the conversation, she learned that she was obliged to pay Zakat but felt too embarrassed to bring it up with her friend at the time. She resolved to do something about it the very next day.

Upon a quick online search, Abida was glad to come across the National Zakat Foundation, she phoned the number with her urgent query and was put through to a specialist Zakat consultant. In her conversation with the consultant, she discovered that there was she also Zakat from the past which still needed to be paid. This felt overwhelming for Abida but the Zakat consultant assured her that they would work through the situation together.

Abida had assets across continents, which included gold and shares. To calculate her Zakat, Abida had to look back thirteen years to the time when she first exceeded the threshold to pay Zakat (Nisab). Abida had moved from Nigeria to the UK, so calculating her Zakat meant looking at Zakat rates in different currencies over years.

This process took weeks to complete, as Abida had to look through years of financial history to find the correct information. When the final amount was totaled, Abida could pay off her Zakat debt in one go. Abida felt an instant sense of relief. Those two weeks of effort would mean that she was now up to date with a pillar of her faith.

If you have any unpaid Zakat from previous years, allow us to help you get up to date: or call us on 03333 123 123. Alternatively, if you need one-to-one support, request a callback appointment and NZF will ring you to talk through your missed Zakat query.

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