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19 February 2018

Record numbers at Visit My Mosque day 2018

A recent YouGov Poll commissioned by the Muslim Council of Britain found that almost 70% of Britons hadn’t seen the inside of another faith’s place of worship, and almost 90% hadn’t been inside a mosque. To remedy this, over 200 mosques across the UK opened their doors on 18th February as part of Visit My…

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16 March 2017

A widow from Afghanistan

Huda lived in Afghanistan. She lost her husband in a shooting. Left alone to care for two children, she plummeted into a state of despair. At first, she was getting support from her relatives and the local women. However, as time went on, Huda felt that her and her children were becoming a burden on…

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19 January 2017

The Role of Zakat in Building Faith Communities

Muslims in minority settings must wake up to the importance of Zakat. The payment of Zakat is one of the most repeated injunctions of the Noble Qur’an. It is conjoined in importance with the ritual prayer (Salat) almost thirty times. God has promised many things in the Qur’an to those who give Zakat: His special…

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11 August 2016

Unemployment rates for Muslims are more than double that of the general population

Muslim people are more likely than those from any other religious group in Britain to be out of work – and women are hit the hardest, a committee of MPs has warned. Unemployment rates for Muslims are more than double those of the general population (12.8% compared to 5.4%). And 41% are “economically inactive” –…

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25 August 2015

Hope after the closure of Kids Company.

Following the closure of Kids Company, a single mother of two contacted National Zakat Foundation (NZF) after her weekly stipend from the charity came to a grinding halt. She had nowhere else to turn. A summary of her communications below with an NZF caseworker over the course of 24 hours serves to demonstrate some of…

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24 August 2015

‘Cruel’ cuts to asylum-seekers’ support payments will push children into poverty, claim charities

Tens of thousands of asylum-seekers with children will be pushed deeper into poverty by “cruel” cuts to their support payments which come into force on 10 August, leading charities including the British Red Cross are warning. The charities have joined forces to claim the move would make it almost impossible for refugees to afford to…

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