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17 May 2018

Zakat on share investments: determining a proxy for calculation

This report outlines the juristic precedence determining a proxy for calculation of Zakat on share investments, the methodology, the findings and the recommendations for Muslim shareholders for calculating their Zakat liability.  Summary recommendations National Zakat Foundation’s (NZF) recommendation to Muslim shareholders is as follows: Ideally, a complete calculation and review of the balance sheet should…

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20 April 2018

Going from Post to Pillar

As a pillar of Islam, Zakat has enormous transformative potential. But it remains untapped and it’s about time we let it make a comeback. After all, our future depends on it. Most of us limit our understanding of the pillars of Islam as being individual, ritual obligations. As long as we bear witness to God and…

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7 April 2018

[Guest Post] UK Zakat Belongs in the UK

As the month of Ramadhan nears, many of us will be increasingly thinking about paying zakah. Ramadhan presents itself with immense rewards which multiply many folds, and hence it’s opportune that we find ourselves fixing the anniversary of what is in effect a yearly tax return in the month of Ramadhan. Except it’s not quite…

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