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1 June 2018

Who Does Your Zakat Help? NZF Caseworkers Tell Us

Guest article by Selina Bakkar from Amaliah (   We spoke to the National Zakat Foundation about Zakat in 2017 and also managed to interview their caseworkers to gain insight into how Zakat helps people. From refugees to domestic violence victims your Zakat could really change someone’s life instantly. Caseworkers Safa and Sadiya share what it’s…

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19 February 2018

Record numbers at Visit My Mosque day 2018

A recent YouGov Poll commissioned by the Muslim Council of Britain found that almost 70% of Britons hadn’t seen the inside of another faith’s place of worship, and almost 90% hadn’t been inside a mosque. To remedy this, over 200 mosques across the UK opened their doors on 18th February as part of Visit My…

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10 January 2018

Dead of Winter

This year the winter has been so cold it killed. Temperatures have been below freezing in the UK endangering those without a home. Laila never thought she could have been considered homeless. She was born and raised in the UK. Growing up in an abusive family, she was forced to flee her parental home and…

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12 June 2017

Married at 16

A hard-working girl, Shelina she never stepped out of line. She loved her parents so much, some would say she was submissive to them. Shelina did everything to please them. Her heartstrings were closely tied to her father’s words – he would merely ask her something and she felt like she couldn’t refuse. At the…

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3 June 2017


Can you Imagine your husband tying you up and leaving you stranded in another country? I can – it happened to me. I loved a man who promised me everything I ever wanted – a home and a family. He is a British citizen and I was a girl from a village a continent away…

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16 March 2017

A widow from Afghanistan

Huda lived in Afghanistan. She lost her husband in a shooting. Left alone to care for two children, she plummeted into a state of despair. At first, she was getting support from her relatives and the local women. However, as time went on, Huda felt that her and her children were becoming a burden on…

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