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Zakat and Coronavirus


Thanks to local Zakat, we’re ready to respond  

The spread of Coronavirus is causing uncertainty and disruption on a large scale. As well as the direct health impact, there’s already been a significant financial impact too. Both are likely to get much worse.

Understandably, people are afraid about how this will affect them and their loved ones. Our elders, those already struggling in poverty, and those in low-paid work are especially vulnerable.

Thanks to local Zakat given through National Zakat Foundation (NZF), we’re ready to help people in our community whose financial situation is badly affected by this public health crisis.

If you’re in difficulty, we’re here to help 

If you’re worried you’ll struggle to cover basic costs due to being unable to work or losing your income, and you’re eligible for Zakat, we’re here to help. And because you can apply online, you can get support without having to leave your home.

• Apply to our Hardship Relief Fund for essentials such as food, clothing and small debts.

• Apply to our Housing Fund for help with rent or council tax arrears.

Our experienced Grant Officers are on on-hand to support you.

Muslim organisations, let’s work together

If you have links with a mosque, charity or referral organisation working with Muslims who could be eligible for Zakat, please let them know about the support we provide. It would be particularly helpful for volunteers to help them fill out the online application form.

Since launching in 2011, we’ve enabled over 15,000 local Muslims in need to receive Zakat. In particular, we co-ordinated the Grenfell Muslim Response Unit (GMRU) to help survivors of the Grenfell fire.

Owing to this experience, and because of the Zakat that continues to be entrusted to NZF, we’re in a strong position to cope with the likely extra demand from those in need in the short-term.

May Allah keep us all safe and help us increase in humility, patience and unity.

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