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Zakat Case Study: Cornered

NZF Zakat Case Study

Would you believe her if she told you that they wanted her for her body?

Rumena, an orphan child, was raised by her father’s sister in India. She was much loved by her aunt. Rumena worked to make some extra money for the family who lived in poverty. She did some tailoring and taught Arabic to the kids in the village. Despite their poverty, the family felt content with the little they had.

When Rumena was around the age of 19, she was offered the chance to come to the UK by one of the families she taught. It was a chance to have a better life. Amazed at the possibility and with absolutely nothing to lose, Rumena agreed.

When she came to the UK, Rumena was asked to stay in the house of the people she lived with. She was told she wasn’t allowed to leave. A month passed and her first outing was to the hospital.

This outing kept reoccurring. Rumena started to question these frequent trips to the hospital. The appointments would often result in the taking of her blood. Every week she was being taken to the hospital.

Rumena started to think that perhaps she was she brought over to the UK for a purpose. Perhaps the frequent visits to the hospital had something to do with it but she couldn’t work out what. Days later she was fortunate enough to meet a friend of the family, Mahruf, who knew exactly what the situation was.

He told her the shocking truth that was she was brought to the UK for her kidney. Unable to fathom this news, Rumena was frightened about what to do. Mahruf had told her that she had to leave. Rumena escaped and became homeless. She was living off local handouts and sofa surfing.

Rumena was devastated, she was broken and felt as though she was left with nothing. Forced to beg for a sofa to sleep on, she came across Mahruf once again. He told her that she could stay with him if she married him. He promised to look after her. Rumena and Mahruf married and for a time lived happily.

But only for a few months, when Rumena announced she was pregnant, Mahruf denied the child was his. Rumena was now street homeless and pregnant with no one left to turn to. The Salvation Army found Rumena and supported her, until she was referred to the National Zakat Foundation.

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