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We’re working hard to improve how you can give Zakat through NZF, giving you the choice of how your Zakat is allocated across our three funds (Hardship Relief, Housing & Employment and Education) and lots more. Try out our new Zakat giving portal now to give Zakat to Muslims who need it and help create a better service for Zakat givers across the UK.

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? Your voluntary donations are crucial to help us raise further awareness about NZF and continue to offer best-in-class services to Zakat payers and recipients nationwide.
? This form of charity is payable at £5/head by the head of the household for every household member. Please pay by 25th Ramadan to ensure that distribution takes place in time for Eid. Zakat al Fitr will be distributed as a cash payment to recipients.
? Riba or interest is unlawful for individuals to consume. However scholars have approved NZF to receive such money and use it to advance our charitable causes, whilst at the same time cleansing you of impure money.
? Fidyah is £5 for each missed fast. Kaffarah for breaking an oath is £50, i.e. the cost of feeding ten people in need.
RESTRICT my Zakat to support Muslims in poverty only
(Economic Empowerment Programme)
Your Zakat will be distributed to people across three funds as follows:
  • Hardship Relief: 50%
  • Housing and Employment: 40%
  • Education: 10%
If you would prefer to allocate your Zakat, please use our new Zakat giving portal here:
I am paying missed Zakat from previous years

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